Nick Pachulski App Developer

My Expertise

I specialize in getting your web and mobile apps into user's hands quickly. I do fast, quality work and the pace of development does not stop year after year. I practice true test driven development which prevents work from becoming overly complex, allowing us to move confidently fast. I use popular, battle-tested technologies that are a joy to use and easy to hire for.


My clients have put 10 apps in the iOS and Google Play stores in the past year. Working with me will put yours alongside theirs within the month.


I've worked for firms which bill 3x my rate. I've found I can live comfortably doing the same quality work for a fraction of their price.


I practice true test driven development. That means we'll always be moving forward. Never backwards.

Recent Work



Backstop connects parents of children with Anaphylaxis with other caretakers in the child's life. Parents invite their children's daycare providers, soccer coaches, and school nurses to view information about their child's anaphylaxis devices and learn how to react to episodes through educational video series.

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Qeepsake sends parents daily, age appropriate questions via text message about their children. "Is Jack teething?" "What is Jill's new favorite toy?" Parents respond with memories and photos and Qeepsake mails them an album. This project scaled to over 100,000 users. My client even appeared on Shark Tank while I was working on his app.

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Torq Interface

Torq is an app for medical device representatives. Joint replacement surgeries require a human from the company which created the joint replacement to be in the operating room with the surgeon. As surgeons' schedules change throughout the day, reps are paid to wait around or hurry to the hospital. Torq sends reps live schedule updates using push notifications by hooking into hospitals' electronic health records. I scaled Torq from zero lines of code to its use in over 20 hospitals around Boston.

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Conformis iViewer

Conformis is an app for surgeons who have upcoming joint replacement surgeries. Tapping a surgery in their schedule reveals video and PDF resources detailing the physical specifications of the joint replacement for that surgery.

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Past Work