Hey, I'm Nick

I help companies build iOS and Android apps and get them into user's hands quickly. I do fast, quality work and the pace of development does not stop year after year. I practice true test driven development which prevents work from becoming overly complex, allowing us to move confidently fast. I use popular, battle-tested technologies that are a joy to use and easy to hire for.



I've put over 50 apps into the iOS and Google Play stores. Working with me will put your mobile app into the store within the month.



I've worked for firms which bill twice as much as I do for my work. I've found I can live comfortably at half their costs.



I practice true test driven development which means we'll always be moving forward confidently. Never backwards.



I've done work for dozens of clients ranging from startups to massive companies needing anything from short 2 month stints up to 3 years of work. Let's chat to figure out what you need and get it done.

Recent Work


I also built and maintain Untax, a simple iOS app which keeps track of your business expenses across all your credit cards and bank accounts without the need to keep receipts or sift through account statements at year's end. Unlike QuickBooks, there's no manual data entry - When you spend, you're sent a push notification and you can mark the transaction as an expense right from the notification on your lock screen or simply ignore it. Privacy is paramount and usability is key. Check it out.