Hey, I'll Try it Out

Nick Pachulski

August 25, 2021

I’m trying out Hey. It’s a new email provider made by some interesting people.

Truth be told, the main motivation for switching is that I think Hey is pretty. It’s got personality. If you decide to try it out you’ll see what I mean.

While the main motivation for switching to Hey is its pretty face, the tipping point occurred as I read someone else’s blog and thought: “This looks nice! I might spend some time updating mine.” Then I realized their blog was Hey-hosted and discovered something really neat: If you’re a Hey customer, you can create new blog posts by addressing an email to hey@world.com and sending it. That’s appealing. I’d like to write more. I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog post from my iPhone. Maybe I will now?

The biggest adjustment that I predict my Hey-ward movement presents is focusing less on achieving Inbox Zero, which is not The Hey Way.

We’ll see if Hey is the new way for me.