Mounting a Samba Server with Ruby

Nick Pachulski

July 21, 2015

I tried four or five gems that claimed they’d samba for me in a ruby-esque way. None of them worked. Installing or trying to use a couple of them resulted in pretty startling errors, like missing C header files. I tried resolving those issues to no avail before ultimately resorting to scripting the shell.

Though not technically a “ruby” solution, you can put this line in a ruby script and it will block execution until the mount is complete:

system "mount_smbfs //user:pass@server/location mount_path"

mount_path should be a relative or absolute path to an existing folder that is empty. When you’re done, unmount with:

system "umount -f mount_path"

If you need to use credentials in a script you may be sharing with others, I recommend using the ruby gem Dotenv. Then, you can do:

require 'Dotenv' Dotenv.load

user = ENV['USERNAME']
pass = ENV['PASSWORD']
system "mount_smbfs //#{username}:#{password}@server/location mount_path"

and put your credentials in a file called .env:


Don’t forget to add .env to your .gitignore.