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Test Drive to Get 100% Coverage That's Not a Vanity Metric

A vanity metric looks good on paper but doesn’t inform future strategies. It falsely increases confidence. Code coverage can be a vanity metric. 100% test coverage means that the test suite runs every line of production code. That doesn’t mean it exercises the code’s entire intent.

Automated Testing

The reason for having automated tests is to know whether or not code works. Working code fulfills product requirements.

Addendum to UI Testing with Stubbed Network Data

This post will only be helpful to you if you intend to use Joe Masilotti’s strategy for stubbing network data in your UI Tests. You will run into a problem when you try to set a key of app.launchEnvironment to a string with an equals sign in it.

Validate Assumptions Early and Often With TDD

Let’s test drive an even number function